1 minute read

An app where anyone can join with Spotify credentials and see a lot of cool statistics about his/her profile.

Time Series Analysis

6 minute read

For those of you that want to dive into the world of time series, this is the perfect place to start! Including visualizations for each important time series...

Clustering Theory

7 minute read

Clustering is the most common form of unsupervised learning. It is the process that involves the grouping of data points into classes of similar objects.

Visualizations with Seaborn

13 minute read

Code examples for histogram, kde, box, count, pie, scatter, join, reg, hex, line bar, violin, boxen, strip, correlation plots.

Battle of the Cities

4 minute read

Let’s suppose that you want to relocate. You don’t know where, yet. You have enough money in order to relocate and then search for a job in your new city. Yo...

EDA is Fun!

less than 1 minute read

A very popular Kaggle kernel (60.000+ views, 1100+ upvotes, 170+ comments) that won me the 1st prize, as the most informative and upvoted kernel for the popu...

Pandas Tutorial

12 minute read

Are you starting with Data Science? Pandas is the first thing you will need. Learn how to create, add, remove, rename, read, select, filter, sort, group, man...

Emotion Detection on Movie Reviews

6 minute read

The objective of this project is the Emotion Analysis of sentences that are comming from movie reviews, using Machine Learning. An attempt will be made to co...